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Adopt Me: Domestic rats groom themselves more often than cats

Domestic rats are smart, curious and very affectionate. There are more than 20 of them waiting for adoption at the Alliston humane society
More than 20 domestic rats are up for adoption at the Alliston and District Humane Society. Submitted photo

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Rats make great pets!

Yup, I said it! They're given a bad rap because of their wild cousins, but domestic rats have been bred in captivity for hundreds of years and share very few similarities in health and personality to wild rats.

Domestic rats are often called tiny dogs because they are extremely affectionate towards their owners.

They love to lick and groom their favorite people, as well as receive cuddles and pets!

Often they will be waiting excitedly at the front of the cage for their humans to give them attention.

They are very smart, curious, and inquisitive animals that can recognize their names, learn to use a litter box, and even be taught tricks!

Rats are trained in Africa to help locate land mines (they are too light to set them off!) and detect tuberculosis. They have saved literally hundreds of thousands of peoples’ lives!

Rats are often seen as dirty, but they actually groom themselves more times a day than a cat, and trust me they are very thorough!

Alliston & District Humane Society currently has more than 20 rats that are looking for homes. Would you consider loving a rat? You won't regret it!

Please contact Alliston & District Humane Society for more information at 705-458-9038 or


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