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Adopt Me: Pyramid is a friendly fellow who deserves a forever home

Pyramid has a feline immunodeficiency virus, but has the same needs as a regular cat
Pyramid is up for adoption at the Alliston and District Humane Society. Submitted photo

BradfordToday, in partnership with the Alliston & District Humane Society, brings you a regular feature highlighting a special pet that is in need of adoption.

Meet five-year-old Pyramid.

He has Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV), which sounds scary, but it isn’t! There are a lot of myths about this virus, and we are here to teach the world that cats with FIV have just as much of a right as non-infected cat to find their perfect forever home.

FIV is only transmitted from cat to cat, and only with severe bites. This means that you can’t get it! Nor can your dog, your rabbit, your bird… Even if you have another cat, the chance of transmission is very slim if they are not prone to serious fights!

FIV cats have similar life expectancy as non-infected cats. They have the same needs — high-quality nutrition, a clean and stress-free indoor-only environment, regular veterinary care, and lots and lots of love!

Now, this doesn’t mean they will never become ill. They are immunocompromised after all. Sometimes this means it is easier for them to pick up an illness, and it may be harder for them to fight it off.

Pyramid is a friendly and busy fellow. He is a good looking black-and-white guy, recently living in Quebec. The shelter does not know much about his past, but it was likely a rough one.

Often FIV cats are overlooked by potential adopters because of fear or lack of knowledge about FIV.

We are hoping to break this fear and ensure our FIV-positive cats have the same chance at finding their perfect forever homes as their non-infected friends.

Could YOU be the next person to welcome this deserving boy in to their home?

Please contact Alliston & District Humane Society for more information at 705-458-9038 or

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