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Keep community centre green space, find traffic solutions, say Ward 7 candidates

We asked incumbent Peter Dykie Jr. and candidate Dave Minnema some questions about key issues in Bradford West Gwillimbury. Here is what they had to say

Peter Dykie Jr., incumbent 

What do you see as the key issue(s) facing BWG at this time?

“One of the key issues in Bradford West Gwillimbury during this time is the high traffic in residential areas, a concern for the safety of our residents, especially pedestrians and children. Another key issue is the traffic congestion on the main arteries in town. Both of these issues are a result of the rapid population growth in BWG, and I am dedicated to finding effective solutions.”

Do you have a solution in mind?

“I believe that we need to implement traffic calming measures, similar to the ones in place on Northgate Drive and West Park Avenue, to ensure the safety of our residents. In addition, more police enforcement on residential streets is necessary. And to reduce traffic congestion, I am a strong advocate of the (Highway) 400-404 (Connecting) Link. I believe this link will significantly reduce traffic on the main arteries of town.”

Are there any other issues or concerns you want to highlight?

“Seniors housing and condominiums. Currently, there are two condominiums in the process on Holland Street. I support the applications and wish to see the project through. We need to continue to find solutions for long-term care and affordable housing. Specifically in Ward 7, I believe proper upgrading of neighbourhood parks and infrastructure (roads, sidewalks, curbs) is necessary."

What inspired you to run in this election?

“Being accessible through my open-door policy at my local business has allowed me to assist many residents daily. The residents of BWG have inspired me to run for this coming election. Also, my two sons and 87-year-old father have motivated me to make our town better for all residents. Together, let’s work towards making BWG better!”

Dave Minnema, candidate

What do you see as the key issue(s) facing BWG at this time? Do you have a solution in mind?

“One of the key issues to face BWG is drastic downtown community decisions regarding the Bradford & District Memorial Community Centre. I believe the concrete footprint (at this park) should not get any larger. The ball diamonds and soccer fields are essential to the area kids, families and volunteer associations that use them. We need to ensure all parks are protected from any urban growth. It seems that every activity has to be moved to (Joe) Magani or Henderson parks. Let’s keep some sign of life and local sports activity in the downtown. I believe the town offices they want to build would be much better serviced if they were more central in the town.”

Are there any other issues or concerns you want to highlight?

“We need sustainable job growth at the (Highway) 400 Employment Lands, with industrial tax bases helping to offset ever-increasing residential taxes… We need more advocacy for the (Highway) 400-404 (Connecting) Link. We need to ensure our town’s infrastructure and public services are able to keep up with the growth while keeping taxes and town debt to a minimum. Residents deserve wise stewardship of their tax dollars. They deserve to see their tax dollars reinvesting in their community and local parks.”

What inspired you to run in this election?

“Ward 7 deserves active, vocal representation on council. It needs a challenger to what has become the status quo. I care about Bradford West Gwillimbury, I care about Ward 7, and I believe that Ward 7 residents deserve to have all issues handled much more efficiently and expediently.”


Miriam King

About the Author: Miriam King

Miriam King is a journalist and photographer with Bradford Today, covering news and events in Bradford West Gwillimbury and Innisfil.
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