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CHLOROPHYLL-another cleanser & healer

Chlorophyll is both food and healer. As a source of health, it has no equal. Bernard Jensen created a list summarizing its major benefits.
-builds a high blood count
-provides iron to the lungs
-counteracts toxins .
- improves anemic conditions
-cleanses and deodorizes bowel tissue
-helps purify liver
-aids hepatitis improvement
-improves blood sugar problems[diabetes]
-aids asthma improvements
-benefits inflamed tonsils
-soothes painful hemorrhoids and piles
-revitalizes vascular system in the legs -reduces inflammation pain
-improves milk production
-helps sores heal faster -eliminates body odours
-resists bacterial infections in wounds -cleans tooth and gum structures .
-improves nasal functioning -relieves sore throat -makes an excellent throat gargle -soothes ulcerous tissue
-improves varicose veins
PURE LI liquid Chlorophyll 500 ml $24.19 1000ml $32.99
unflavoured or mint
LAND ART pills 90's $22.99

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