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From scrunchies to scrub caps, how this mother-daughter duo are switching up business to help front line workers (5 photos)

onefive1, the mother-daughter duo who make and sell candles and scrunchies are making a number of accessories to help front line health care workers

Bradford’s Denise and Emily Hunter are the mother-daughter duo behind onefive1, a company who makes and sells candles and scrunchies. 

But over the past few weeks, they’ve switched things up, using all the fabric and elastic materials they have to make scrub caps, masks, headbands and laundry bags for health care workers.  

The pair have several family members working in hospitals and seniors homes and were asked early on in the pandemic if they could help make them a few scrub caps and masks. 

From there, they increased their production to include laundry bags and headbands. 

“At the end of their (health care workers) shifts they’re asked to shower and keep their scrubs separately,” explained Emily. “Most often they were put into a plastic bag, which meant they had to touch them again when they got home to put into the wash. These bags are all fabric so you just throw the whole bag into the wash without having to touch it again.”

They had various friends and family donate fabric to them, and have purchased some on their own. They used all their elastic from their scrunchie materials and are now finding it difficult to find any in stock anywhere.  "So that's made it super challenging," explained Emily.

To compensate, Denise is now hand making the ties that go around the head for the headbands and scrub caps.

“We’re still going, just at a much slower pace now,” said Emily. 

To date the women have made over 350 of all four products and donated them all to regional hospitals, seniors’ homes, midwives, paramedics, occupational therapists, grocery store employees and postal service workers. 

"We’re just so grateful to be able to help in such a small way," said Emily. 

You can check out some of their work on their Facebook page or Instagram @onefive1