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How Bradford beauty salons are preparing to re-open

Salons are being told to "hold off" on opening for now, but Bradford beauty salons are already preparing for the day they can open their doors again

As the Province enters the first stage of reopening the economy, hair salons begin preparing new safety measures that will allow clients to attend their appointments comfortably.

With growing complaints of “sheepdog” hair and grown-out roots, the need for mane-maintenance is in high demand. However, walking into a hair salon to see your favourite hairdresser will not be that easy.

Brittany Buck, Owner of BBBeauty Boutique in Bradford, shares the salon’s new check-in protocols that will ensure the safety of clients and staff once they reopen.

“All staff will be wearing masks, face shields, and one-time use drappings” explains Buck.

“We’ve also installed a Plexiglas (barrier) at the reception desk and eliminated the waiting area altogether. Only pre-scheduled appointments will be seen at this time, no walk-ins!”

As the salon’s wait list now transcends into the hundreds, clients will have to call or text the salon from the parking lot before being allowed to enter the locked building.

Once inside, a contactless temperature reading will be taken using a digital forehead thermometer, followed by a screening process administered by a staff member.

Screening questions will include whether the person has travelled recently, if they have had symptoms, or have ever come in contact with anyone who had symptoms of COVID-19. Clients must then sterilize their hands before proceeding to a designated station with their stylist.

Buck describes the “(chairs) will be six feet apart, with touchless hand sanitizers set up around the shop. Front desk staff will be wiping down “hot spots” every 15 minutes, including doorknobs and shampoo stations”. 

Although it has not been mandated yet by the government whether customers will need to wear a mask into salons, it will be encouraged to BYOM (bring your own mask) and if you do not have a mask, one can be supplied. 

Similarly, Victoria Bourque Beauty Boutique will also be implementing screening and sterilization measures as part of their new “greeting” routine.

“Guests will receive a bag enclosed with a mask, gloves, and disposable gown… they will have to sanitize and suit-up before their haircut” asserts Victoria Bourque, the salon’s owner.

“It’s (normally) a comforting feeling to come to the salon, so we just want everyone to feel comfortable but also safe at the same time” she continued.

Victoria’s Boutique will also be offering a new Express Menu to give clients different options in advance so they can limit their time at the salon.

“If they want to arrive with their hair already washed, we can do a quick dry cut” explains Bourque. “It will be a little bit of an adjustment but having an express menu will also be more affordable too”.

The boutique’s hours will be extended to allow for more time to disinfect the shop between appointments. Online consults will also be offered via Zoom prior to appointments so that hair stylists can utilize their time effectively.

Blow drying has been a questionable topic for both salons, as there is concern for proper ventilation. In lieu of this service, alternative styling options will be offered to clients at both locations.

Although Doug Ford recently stated that salons will need to “hold off” for a while, suggesting they may not reopen until stage two or stage three, take comfort in knowing your stylists are diligently preparing to have you back in the salon chair safely one day!