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LETTER: A Thanksgiving poem

Bradford resident reflects on 'some thanks that we might give'
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Some Thanks That We Might Give

While we give thanks — and celebrate — for blessings that we receive,

Perhaps we just might contemplate, how they should be perceived,

And numbering, so many more, than plainly meets the eye,


Than most our planet’s nations are, so unfairly denied.

Not just good food to fill our plates, but a co-existent mood,

That permeates of friendliness, which fills our neighbourhoods

With welcomed cultures that reside, from all corners of the Earth,

Within our country’s boundaries with, all goodness and its worth.


And watch the hues and tints come through, the spectrum’s shining light,

With rainbow’s colours been dispersed, within that prism bright:

A range of folks, be red, or black, or yellow, brown, or white

Invited by welcoming hand — our land, creating might.


Yes realize the freedoms that, been granted still today,

By laws instilled by wisdom’s will, in our democratic way,

And fundamental rights we share, granted so we’d survive, 

And resultant good health’s gift, to prosper — and to thrive.


Nor should we overlook that right, to worship, be appeased

As Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, or Buddhists — as we please,

In our churches, temples, mosques, unlike in lands abroad

Without the persecution there: we serve our chosen God.


And let’s remember too — give thanks — recall, “Lest We Forget,”

All them who’d come before us that, rose up to face the threat

Of enemies in lands afar, for us they were sacrificed;

If not, recall our history books, within which — implied advice.


Thus when — and if — your turkey’s carved, with fixings at your table,

Or lamb, or beef, or ham, or goat, and what else you’re able,

For families be assembled at, your homes to celebrate

All blessings in our nation great, we might appreciate.


So now give thanks for all these gifts, we pleasantly enjoy,

Appreciate what we have built, o’er centuries employed,

Yes! Thank you to all immigrants: arrived o’er all past years —

For our co-existence ensures, our future be rightly steered.

Walter Prokopchuk