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LETTER: Let's buck the voter turnout trend in Bradford

'Now is not the time to become complacent and uninvolved,' says letter writer
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38.3%. That is the average voter turnout in the 2018 municipal elections across Ontario.

There are many experts who are now claiming that we could see an even lower voter turnout in these municipal elections. With so many different issues affecting municipalities across the province, now is not the time to become complacent and uninvolved. All you have to do is vote.

The Town of Bradford is no different. There are a lot of passionate and dedicated candidates who want to play a part in making our community the best place it can be. These candidates are putting in countless hours, knocking on thousands of doors, and spend time away from their families to try and become a difference maker in our community.

To say I’m disappointed in our town’s response to this election is an understatement. We have had one formal election event, and it wasn’t even a debate. Debates allow for a candidates’ platform to be tested under pressure; it creates some degrees of separation between candidates and, more importantly, gives the voter a clearer idea of who they believe best represents the needs of our municipality.

There are whole countries across the world that don’t get to have the simple privilege to cast a ballot — women who aren’t even allowed to vote, elections that are already rigged from the get-go. To allow this level of complacency and apathetic attitude towards any election, regardless of what level of government it is, is an absolute travesty.

As a longtime resident who has grown up and now serves the community that I have called home for all of my life, I challenge our community to support our candidates who want to serve us. Support the candidates who you believe will best represent you and your beliefs that will make this town a place you are proud to call home.

Andrew Sibbald