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LETTER: Teen speaks out against province's lockdowns

'If lockdowns did work, we would not be on lockdown number three,' says letter writer
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BradfordToday received the following letter to the editor from Bradford teen Halyn in regard to the latest provincial lockdown.

Dear Ford government, 

I am 13 years old, I pay attention to a lot of news regarding COVID-19 in Ontario and country-wide. I believe that lockdowns do not work. If lockdowns did work we would not be on lockdown number 3.

I respect the government, but with all due respect, lockdowns are pointless and do not work. People need to go back to some sort of normal lifestyle. Doing another stay-at-home order would be pointless and get many people angry.

I am a dancer and being shut down after everything is followed (temperature checks, walking in one at a time, only 10 in one class, 6ft apart at all times, masks on at all times) but the government still wants to close these down.

Why? The mall can be open with hundreds of people I do not know but I cannot go to dance where I know who everyone is?  

Schools are a big problem, I never get my temperature taken, we are never six feet apart. The government promised smaller class sizes but I am jammed in a portable with 28 other people. 

Closing down the province would hurt so many people's mental health. Ontario and Canada have had an increasing amount of mental health crises over the past year with COVID-19. The government changed the March break to April break, why did that need to happen? 

I always look forward to just having a stress-free break, but that got pushed. I believe the reason why this got changed was perfectly in line with the third wave. Now all of a sudden, April break is here and we are in a third wave. Seems like planning to me?

I know I am just a teenager but I want my voice to be heard.

End the lockdowns.

Halyn Hartfield