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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Our police need to be trained as peacekeepers

Reader believes respect and authroity go hand in hand
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Our police need to be trained as peacekeepers. The days of turning off body cams, taking a hooligan down town for a beating, hassling someone because they are in a car in a neighbourhood not symbolic of their demographic must end.
Eric Cartman, a character of South Park barks these words: "Respect my authority."
That is what is happening throughout North America. Police fear loss of their authority. Everyone's seemingly questioning that authority on social media, videos and the media.
Authority is not as powerful as respect. Found in the same statement, both words actually compliment each other. Respect my authority. Police are not in themselves authority, but represent authority. Who gives them this authority? We do. It is not them and us. It is us. We are the authority they represent.
As God says "I Am"  we the people should proclaim to all respect our authority. Who will represent us in the world? The peacekeepers of society, our neighbours, the police.
Steven Kaszab