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Bradford toy store shares this season’s hot sellers (4 photos)

Owner of Bradford’s Experience Toys & Games says it has been a busy year of sales with more people sticking around the house and looking for entertainment

With Christmas quickly approaching and the pandemic persisting on, many shoppers are turning to online ordering for their holiday gifts this season. Experience Toys & Games in Bradford shares its hot selling toys available in-store and online for customers.

Brian Hayden, owner of Experience Toys & Games located on Holland St. West in Bradford, offers a wide variety of toys and games for children (and adults) of all ages.

When the pandemic first began, Hayden modified his store’s website to showcase all his products online for customers looking to avoid venturing to the store. Puzzles and boardgames quickly disappeared off his shelves as residents looked for things to do at home while in lockdown earlier in the summer.

Since the lockdown, Hayden continues to remain busy as his online orders have now stretched across North America where he is shipping products across Canada and the US, and even overseas.

“We’ve been really busy!” notes Hayden. “A little overwhelming at times."

Hayden states the number one seller right now is the “Sling Puck” game by Rustik; a fast-paced, interactive board game, slinging pucks across a board against an opponent. Whoever gets rid of their pucks first, wins!

“I can’t keep them in stock!” shares Hayden. “I’m ordering them in large batches and as soon as the order comes in, I’m shipping everything I have out to customers."

Hayden notes that he has had difficulty shipping products overseas, stating that shipments have been delayed for weeks, or in some cases, undeliverable due to the pandemic and restrictions in different countries.

“Customs is iffy. Sometimes [products] can sit for a couple weeks, but if the customer knows it’s coming, they are patient," explains Hayden.

The store’s second hot selling item are puzzles.

“Jigsaw puzzles, they are nuts!” exclaims Hayden. “Online and instore, we’re selling lots of floor puzzles for kids and 1000-1500 piece puzzles for the “hardcore” puzzlers."

Hayden adds that other popular items which are selling well are remote control cars (specifically the Litehawk and Exhaust brands), Baby Yoda dolls, and boardgames. The store carries a large selection for both kids and adults.

“I think people in April-May bought a lot of boardgames during Covid lockdowns and they’re picking back up again,” notes Hayden, referencing the rise in Covid cases.

For residents looking for something new to do at home, Hayden is promoting the “Exit” game where families can create their own escape room in their house.

“You solve the puzzles and escape your own room in your house," shares Hayden, adding that the game comes with all the tools to set up your own escape room.

The Exit game comes in 10 different themes.

“Arts and crafts are always pretty big too," says Hayden. “Sequin art and our Tutti Frutti modelling dough (like playdoh) is always very popular."

Tutti Frutti is made in Canada, is non-toxic, and comes in a variety of tropical scents. Parents like it because if it accidentally dries out,  you add a bit of water and it reverts  back to its original form. 

The store will be having “Black Friday” sales next weekend but Hayden notes that his stock is “limited” right now.

“Even though Bradford is growing, there’s still gaps of things you can’t get here,” states Hayden. “Sometimes you still have to go online or travel to Newmarket."

The store’s hours will be extended during the month of December, staying open until at least 8 p.m. and carries a selection of masks for those looking for extra “stocking stuffers”.

To view Experience Toys & Games selection of online products, visit: