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BWG Library’s computer cafe reopens next week

BWG Library is ready for summer
Bradford West Gwillimbury Public Library. Jenni Dunning/Bradford Today

The Bradford West Gwillimbury Public Library has several exciting changes coming up in the next few weeks.

Larissa Marks, Community Engagement Coordinator with the BWG Public Library, reminds all ‘bookworms’ that although the library has gone ‘fines free’ (permanently), please be sure to return all items in a timely manner.

“Families have difficulties returning things on time, it’s becoming a problem,” notes Marks. “[But] a lot of people are struggling financially right now [and] ask what happens if [they] accrue fines? It has kept families from using the library’s services.”

Marks adds that sometimes the librarians will send out collection letters in the mail if material has not been returned, and if a borrowed item is damaged, a cost to replace the damaged item will be charged to the borrower.

“But we just really want the book back," says Marks. “If you get that letter, it’s not the end of the world, we would rather have the [item] back.”

Back in time for summer break is the library's computer café.

Located at the front lobby of the building, the library's computer café will allow for three people at a time due to current Covid-19 restrictions. The space allows for one 30-minute session with access to a computer and high speed internet. And as always, visitors will be required to always wear a mask while in the café and social distance where applicable.

The library also loans out portable Wifi ‘hotspot’ units which can be used anywhere – car or home – and can connect up to 15 different devices.

“It’s so amazing,” Marks says about the hotspot units. “We’ve used it to upload videos each week, takes minutes!”

Starting June 28, the BWG Library will have its physical library cards available for those who pre-ordered one online. Members can come to the library and show their ID to pick up their library card(s). Those who would like a card can register for one here. here.

“We will also have our ‘cooling centre’ back again,” adds Marks. “On days where the humidex is over 30 degrees, we open the Zima room as a ‘cooling centre’ for people who don’t have access to AC – come to the Zima room and cool down, beat the heat!”

A commonly asked question by local avid readers: when will the library fully reopen?

“It’s been weird because of Covid, we weren’t sure what we were allowed to offer,” she says. “We want the community to understand that when [Ford] announcements are made that certain sectors can open, those sectors haven’t had any lead time to prepare. When stage one was announced, libraries were included, but [we] didn’t have the documents until a few days afterwards, so please be patient."

Marks shares that the library does not always receive full reopening details right away, and staff need logistical planning time to ensure proper signage is in place for the continued safety of community members.

“We need time to ensure everyone is safe," she says.