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'Call. Connect. Talk.' campaign highlights local mental health services

Individuals are sharing their stories to help others connect to York Support Services Network's crisis line, and intake and referral service
2019 05 14 Call connect talk MH_support - Edited
York Support Services Network has launched a new mental health support awareness campaign to raise awareness of local supports available.

York Support Services Network (YSSN) has launched a new mental health support awareness campaign to help raise awareness around local supports available to people in crisis or who need help connecting to services for mental health and addictions in York Region and South Simcoe. 

The campaign, features local residents with lived-experience, support staff, and a compilation of personal experiences that highlight the positive impact local mental health supports have had on their lives in the hopes of helping others suffering from similar conditions.

“Call. Talk. Connect.” is the tagline for the initiative that highlights two of the agency’s core mental health services: Community Crisis Response, or 1-855-310-COPE, available 24/7 to people experiencing a crisis, as well as their family and friends, and Streamlined Access, an intake and referral service that connects people to supports for mental health and addictions.
“Many people simply don’t know how they can access local mental health support and they end up in emergency departments unnecessarily. We’re hoping this new initiative will help residents of York Region and South Simcoe become aware of local services and understand that mental health support is just a phone call away,” says Marie Lauzier, Executive Director of YSSN.
“Last year we helped 11,142 people through their mental health crisis with the help of our Community Response Service, 1-855-310-COPE, and 1,600 individuals connected to mental health, addictions and other services through Streamlined Access. We hope to reach even more individuals this year.”
The campaign features a collection of impactful images and quotes collected from participants, and several anonymous experiences. By being visible and sharing their stories anonymously, participants are hoping anyone who sees or reads about the campaign will be able to relate to a story and feel empowered to seek support when they need it.
For Bonnie K., YSSN client and volunteer, she hopes that by sharing her experiences, she will be able to help others find support so that they can work towards better mental health. “Mental illness has torn my family apart. It has shattered dreams for generations. YSSN’s crisis line has been a lifeline for me. I want other people to learn about these valuable services so they can also live a more meaningful life.”
Are you experiencing a mental health crisis? Call 1-855-310-COPE (2673). Need help connecting to mental health and addiction services? Call Streamlined Access at 289-340-0348 or toll free at 1-844-660-6602.
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