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Celebrate your birthday or milestone on Bradford’s electronic billboard

Have a birthday or milestone coming up? Have your name put up in lights on Bradford’s digital billboard

Having a birthday during a pandemic lockdown – sucks! That is why local resident Mark Snaper with ‘Eye Candy Ads’ is offering his outdoor digital billboard sign on Bridge Street to those looking to showcase their celebration on the big screen – for free!

Snaper offered the free promotion back in October and had many birthday bookings scheduled on the digital board over the holidays. The offer is being extended for kids ages five to 13, and seniors 75+.

“My reason for doing this is for the kids and seniors, and especially during lockdown,” notes Snaper. “How nice it would be to go to the sign and see their big picture on display!”

The birthday or milestone appears on the digital board throughout the day of the celebration. The giant 10x15 board sits on the side of the building at 121 Bridge Street, where Delf’s Martial Arts is located. 

“I would like to have as many as possible - three celebrations a day on the board is the goal,” says Snaper.

Snaper adds that in addition to the birthday ads, he is looking for more sponsors that will fill part of the screen with the celebration ads. 

“People see the ad and post it to social media, so it’s great for the sponsors too!” expresses Snaper.

One of the sponsors, the Elden of Bradford have sent in combined birthday ‘shout outs’ prior to the holidays which were displayed on the big screen.

“My grandmother is 90 and stuck in a home – so for her birthday, we brought her to the sign in November – she loved it!” says Snaper.

Snaper has a university student hired to design the ads and change them daily. The sponsorships help pay for the student’s work while learning about graphic design.

“It comes back full-circle to help everyone involved," comments Snaper.

Snaper invites the community to share ideas for alternate promotions on the digital board in future.

“I’m all ears!” jokes Snaper.   

Celebration ads must be booked seven days in advance and can be emailed to


Jackie Kozak