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Explore Earth-friendly crafts with the BWG Library

Get crafty at home with these creative books from the BWG Library!

The snow is about to fly, but before it does, grab an Earth-Friendly Craft book from our shelves, pick a craft and then hunt for supplies in our local parks and conservation areas!  Not only will you be ready for indoor fun when the weather turns bad, but you will have fun in the fresh air while it’s still more temperate.

If you need help finding the perfect book, let the BWG Library know!  You can message them through Facebook here or email  Make sure you share a picture of your creation with the BWG community by sharing it on the BWG Library’s Facebook page or sending it to the Library through Messenger!

Green Crafts for Children

Making their own toys, games, gifts, and ornaments encourage children to use their creative flair--and if they can use component parts that are adapted or recycled, so much the better for them and the planet. None of Emma Hardy's projects in Green crafts for children use any special materials. Instead, they all rely on items that are likely to be in the cupboard, can be found around the house or garden, or collected on walks in the park or at the beach. 

There are recipes for salt dough and methods for easy felting, plus ways to imaginatively use old gift-wrapping paper and worn-out clothes, as well as pine cones, tree bark, shells, and other natural bits and bobs. Gifts for relatives and friends are here, together with games and toys that can be made and then played with again and again. From painted stones and a friendship bracelet to a simple dolls' house and a driftwood boat, children will love the projects in this engaging book. In fact, kids need never be bored again.

Earth Friendly Science Crafts

Did you know amazing craft materials could be hiding in your recycling bin? You can transform your family’s trash into science-themed works of art, accessories, and more! Convert old clothing into space gear using ice, turn broken crayons into a candle with heat, and grow crystallized candy in a recycled jar.  Easy-to-follow steps and colour photographs provide inspiration and guidance to make these eco-friendly science crafts.

Earth-Friendly Crafts for Kids: 50 Awesome Things to Make with Recycled Stuff

From easy toys and great gifts to wonderful room deco-rations, these 50 projects give children a terrific way to recycle and feel creative, too. “This appealing volume is not only a craft book; it also educates users to be more aware of packaging, waste, and of making conscious decisions about how products are used and discarded. Years of Earth Day ideas flow from between the covers of this creative book.”—School Library Journal.

Rock Crafts

Rocks are the perfect craft supply! They can be used to make jewellery, collect rainwater, and more. This maker space title introduces eight rock craft ideas sure to inspire young readers to explore nature. Fact-filled openers introduce each project, and bright photos accompany step-by-step instructions. Supply lists, craft tips, and nature safety rules bring even more to this hands-on book.

Earth Friendly Animal Crafts

Animal lovers will adore these hands-on projects, which use recycled materials to make animal-themed crafts. Photos and detailed instructions walk readers through each step. Convert a recycled jar into a retro bird feeder, turn recycled paper into wild lion wall art, and transform old T-shirts into a dog toy. A QR code provides a link to additional how-to photos for each activity.

Earth Friendly Engineering Crafts

What can you engineer from recycled materials? This book has loads of ideas! Construct an airplane from cardboard and a plastic bottle, transform an old T-shirt into a working windsock, and build a small city from plastic containers. Detailed instructions and photos of the steps and the finished product will guide crafty engineers-in-training to try these engineering-themed activities. Extend learning with additional photos of the maker process, accessible online via QR code.