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Eye spy some giant potatoes in the Holland Marsh

In this Postcard Memories column of historical Bradford West Gwillimbury images, we consider how many French fries could be made with these potatoes
2019-05-22-bradford postcard-bwg public library archives
A Bradford postcard from the 1930s. Photo from the BWG Public Library Archives

Postcard Memories is a new, bi-weekly series of historic views and photos. You can take a trip down memory lane with us every other Saturday morning! 

This postcard from the 1930s advertises the large crops grown in Bradford West Gwillimbury. 

At that time, the draining of the Holland Marsh had only recently begun in 1925, led by William Day, a professor at the Ontario Agricultural College.

The number of farms grew from the original 18 families in the 1930s to almost 350 farms in the late 1970s. Today, due to amalgamation of operations and increased farm sizes, there are 125 farms in the marsh that grow all kinds of produce - including potatoes. 

Details from the archives of the Bradford West Gwillimbury Public Library and the Holland Marsh Growers' Association. 

Jenni Dunning

About the Author: Jenni Dunning

Jenni Dunning is a community editor and reporter who covers news in the Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury.
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