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Funky Fest disco-themed carnival coming to Bradford

Free barbecue food will be on the menu along with live music, fashion show, comedy show, animals, vendors and carnival activities
SOS group helping out and bringing smiles to the community through good deeds and random acts of kindness

Who we are: We are the Summer of Service (SOS), trying to expose community outreach services. In Bradford, you may know us as the group at Starbucks every Friday telling you we love you, or the serial sidewalk chalk bandits that write loving messages for the community. We partake in community activities such as the WOW Living Project, helping out at the Wishing Well Animal Sanctuary and hosting concerts at the Elden of Bradford for the residents.

Why you should come to Funky Fest: Funky Fest is a community event helping your local businesses of Bradford. SOS’s main goal is to help the community, and by attending Funky Fest, not only will you have the funkiest family fun, but also will be helping the couple next door who just launched their first venture, or that family-owned local business across the street with the best ice cream.  Additionally, we want to display community services available like Clothesline, Out of the Cold Cafe and the WOW Living Project that help homeless individuals.

What we are doing: Funky Fest is a disco-themed carnival happening on Aug. 18 from 5 to 9 p.m. at Bradford Community Church. At Funky Fest, you can indulge in some free barbecued food while sitting in on live music, a fashion show and a comedy show. Additionally, while you graze, you can stop by and visit some animals that will be visiting Funky Fest. We will have vendors from around the community hosting crafts and providing food for the festival. Additionally, we will have plenty of carnival activities for you, and the kids, to enjoy.