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Guess which Bradford employees made the Sunshine List?

Overall, 20 town employees made the annual list released by the province of public-sector employees who earn more than $100,000
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The top earner at the Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury is someone some members of the public never meet.

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Geoff McKnight topped the Sunshine List for the town — an annual list released by the province of public-sector employees who earn more than $100,000 and whose salary is drawn from the public purse.

McKnight, who sits next to Mayor Rob Keffer (who did not make the Sunshine List) at every council meeting, earned $196,387.60 in 2018, and $8,606.49 of which is taxable benefits.

Overall, 20 Town of BWG employees made the list.

The town’s Treasurer Ian Goodfellow made the second-highest amount at $171,574.37 ($1,227.54 in taxable benefits), followed closely by Clerk Rebecca Murphy at $171,464 ($1,227.54).

BWG Fire Chief Kevin Gallant and Deputy Fire Chief Olaf Lamerz both made the list, earning $155,928.32 ($2,237.32), and $122,463.45 ($1,910.07), respectively.

Five firefighters joined them, each earning between about $100,000 and $117,000.

Terri Watman, CEO of the BWG Public Library, also made $149,725.38 last year ($1,012.77 in taxable benefits).

Other heads of town departments also made the top-earners list, including Michael Disano, manager of economic development, with $109,698.89 ($762.23), and William Wong, chief building official, with $122,463.42 ($0).

Terry Foran, director of community services, also earned $161,034.46 ($1,134.04), and Peter Loukes, director of engineering services, made $164,906.73 ($1,182.33).

School boards

The Simcoe County District School Board had close to 500 people listed, including numerous elementary and secondary school teachers, superintendents, managers, principals and vice-principals.

Director of education Stephen Blake led the way at $296,180 ($1,064.75), followed by associate director John Dance at $242,093 ($860.80), superintendent of business and facilities services Brian Jeffs at $211,016 ($758.79), and superintendent of program/special education Chris Samis at $208,467 ($758.79).

Over at the Simcoe Muskoka Catholic District School Board, there were just under 300 people listed, including director of education Brian Beal at $279,101 ($327.80) and associate director Peter Derochie at $218,177 ($313.70).

Simcoe County

At the County of Simcoe, 129 people made the list in various types of jobs, including paramedics, managers, foresters, roads foremen, and administrators. 

County CAO Mark Aitken earned $278,804.33 ($1,515.33), Treasurer Lealand Sibbick got $170,370.10 ($1,287.88), and the manager of compensation and benefits Karen Upshaw made $134,292.60 ($1,053.16). 

County seniors legal counsel Marshall Green also earned $192,184.24 ($0), tourism manager Kathryn Stephenson made $102,667.25 ($942.49), and museum curator Kelley Swift Jones netted $105,411.92 ($769.83).

To see the full list, click here. Search “Bradford West Gwillimbury” to see the entire local listing.

With files from Raymond Bowe