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Learn about Wendat First Nations at Newton Robinson history meeting

The last meeting of the Tecumseth and West Gwillimbury Historical Society featured speakers who discussed archaeology in Ontario
The Tec-We-Gwill Women's Institute Hall in Newton Robinson, pictured here for a recent talent show, is the venue for tonight's Tecumseth and West Gwillimbury Historical Society meeting. Miriam King/Bradford Today

Heather Massey, historical society secretary and last year’s ‘Grace’ from the society’s play Saving Grace, presented a talk on the basics of archaeology and her experiences as an archaeological field technician working in the GTA. Heather explained how archaeology is conducted in Ontario, the triggers for work, and the tools and resources field technicians use to uncover artifacts and features.

The next meeting will take place Monday, April 15 at the Women’s Institute Hall in Newton Robinson at 7:30 p.m. The presenters will be Greg Hunter and Dinah Cruse, who live in Tiny Township. They will share what they have learned about First Nations peoples, the Wendats.

Non-members are welcome to attend for a $5 fee per meeting or can purchase an annual membership for $20 (individual) and $30 (family). All meetings end with delicious homemade refreshments and friendly conversation.

For more information regarding the society or its monthly meetings and programs, please contact Janine Harris-Wheatley at 905-936-6549 or

Meeting location - Tec-We-Gwill Women's Institute Hall
4380 10th Line
Newton Robinson, ON L3Z 2A5