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Local pastor and wife, encouraging and inspiring each other for over 20 years

Local couple, Past Eaton H. Grant and wife, Nicole share their story on love
Pastor Eaton Hope Grant and wife, Nicole. Laura DeGasperis for BradfordToday

This week is Valentine’s Day and BradfordToday will be featuring local couples, sharing their love stories and key tips for a successful relationship 

Every couple has their story of how they first met. For Pastor Eaton H. Grant of Bradford Greater Community Life Church and his wife Nicole, there are two sides to their story. 

Eaton joked about meeting her on several occasions during church conferences and events and feeling as if each time was the first. 

“The very first time I met him was through a friend and I remember shaking his hand and I got this sense that, oh my God, he’s going to be my husband,” Nicole said as she reflected on their first meeting. 

Early in the relationship, Nicole moved for school and lost touch with Eaton. Social media allowed them to reunite via messenger and the match relit for the couple. 

During one of her school breaks, Nicole had met Eaton in Toronto for a lunch date at Shoeless Joe’s where the couple had time to chat and ask each other a lot of questions.  

“Right from the get-go we had a very open relationship in terms of communication. There was nothing off limits that we couldn’t ask,” said Eaton. 

Eaton and Nicole don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day, instead they celebrate it on Sept. 14. That was the day they went on their first real date. A more romantic, evening dinner that they cherish and celebrate every year as their own.

“Over the years we haven’t gone crazy over the traditional Valentine's Day. It doesn’t have the significance for us (that September 14 does),”said Eaton.

Over 20 years later, married for 16, with three children, Eaton and Nicole credit communication, respect, trust and commitment to the success of their strong marriage. 

Their strong commitment to their faith and God also plays a role as the real anchor in their marriage and believe that “God is Love.”

“First of all, you always have to encourage your husband because there are times where he is going to go through rough times. You need to be there to encourage, inspire and help them through it and just be there,” Nicole said. Eaton expressed how important that is, because it gives him the confidence to try anything.

Some of their biggest pet peeves about one another? Nicole’s hair is one of Eaton’s biggest pet peeve, finding it everywhere around the house. He added that sometimes she can be too soft spoken. 

Eaton’s lack of time management when it comes to getting ready to go out and arrange babysitting is what irks her the most.  
They both laughed as they confessed their pet peeves, noting how it teaches them to be able to adjust to their partner’s quirks.

Nicole was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis over eight years ago, causing some mobility issues. The care and compassion that Eaton shows when helping her out of the car or walking a short distance,  truly exhibits what marriage, commitment and love is about.