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Looking for things to do outside? The BWG Library has you covered!

From delicious edible plant suggestions, to animal exploration, this group of books is sure to keep you moving all summer
outdoor books for BWG library picks
These are among the many self-help books available at BWG Library.

Getting outdoors is important and the BWG Library has chosen some of its best ‘things to do outside’ books in this week’s Picks of the Week! From delicious edible plant suggestions, to animal exploration, this group of books is sure to keep you moving all summer.

If you need help finding the perfect book, let the BWG Library know! Message them through Facebook or email If you create a delicious dish with your foraged foods, share a picture or video of the creation with the BWG community by sharing it on the BWG Library’s Facebook page or sending it to the library through Messenger!

276 Edible Wild Plants Of The United States And Canada : Berries, Roots, Nuts, Greens, Flowers, And Seeds In All Or The Majority Of The US And Canada, by Caleb Warnock

Self-sufficiency expert Caleb Warnock shares his expertise on living off the land in 276 Edible Wild Plants of the United States and Canada. Packed with over 800 photographs of over 250 wild berries, roots, nuts, greens, and flowers, this valuable reference will show you which plants are edible, where to find them, how to prepare them, and how to avoid poisonous look-alikes. With a focus on plants found throughout the United States and Canada, it's the most exhaustive reference book of its kind.

Celebrating birds: An interactive field guide featuring art from Wingspan, by Natalia Rojas

A gorgeously illustrated and interactive full-color guide to more than 181 birds of North America, based on the bestselling board game, Wingspan.

Praised for its gorgeous illustrations, accurate portrayal of bird habitats, and its gameplay, the bird-focused board game Wingspan has become an international sensation, available in a dozen languages and selling more than 200,000 copies its first year. Celebrating Birds is the ultimate companion to the game for fans, as well as a beautiful and in-depth field guide for avian and nature enthusiasts.

The Forager's Kitchen Handbook: foraging tips and over 100 recipes using what you can find for free, by Fiona Bird

Whether you live in a large city, in open countryside, or by the coast, if you open your eyes and follow Fiona Bird's advice, you will find more ingredients growing in the wild than you could imagine. Each chapter focuses on a different food type--Flowers and Blossom, Woodland and Hedgerow, Fruits and Berries, Herbs and Sea and Shore--and includes useful information about where to find it, how to forage and gather it, and how to use it. And once you have brought your bounty home, there are more than 100 recipes for you to try. If you love baking, try the carrot and clover cake, wild hazelnut shortbread, or sea lettuce madeleines. Make the most of a hedgerow glut by making honeysuckle jelly or quince and wild thyme sorbet. Try a food-for-free main course of chanterelle puffs or wild mussels steamed with dandelions, or a quick snack of garlic mustard, chickweed, and tomato bruschetta. Or indulge your sweet tooth with wild berry and herb marshmallows or a wild cherry panna cotta. Armed with this handbook, head off to the great outdoors and you will be amazed by the sheer quantity of food that is available for free.

Mushroom Wanderland : A Forager's Guide To Finding, Identifying, And Using More Than 25 Wild Fungi, by Jess Starwood

The breathtaking beauty of mushrooms from a master forager: how to identify and use them in cooking, home remedies, and spirituality.

Foraging for mushrooms is a meditative and rewarding escape. Even if readers aren’t ready to head out into the woods, this enchanting visual guide is a welcome introduction to 25 easily identifiable species, organized by location and use. Author Jess Starwood has led hundreds of foraging trips, sharing her knowledge of nature with students. This, her first book, is a celebration of fungi—perfect for both beginner and longtime mushroom admirers.