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RAW Deal North American looking to crown champ

When rights to the card game were lost with WWE in 2007, the game folded and was believed to be down for the pin

A group of guys are keeping a now-defunct card game alive and the City of Barrie will be hosting the RAW Deal North American Championships on May 25.

The popular professional wrestling card game started back in 2000 with the goal to beat other competitors in a game that uses a wrestling theme to do so.

When the company that had the rights to the game lost their licensing agreement with worldwide pro wrestling giant WWE in 2007, the game folded and was believed to be down for the pin.

However, players like Eric Regier have helped the game kick out at two and continued to make cards and play the game over the last 12 years.

Saturday’s tournament organizer Regier told BarrieToday he's honoured that Barrie will be have the spotlight on it.

“It's been a lot of hard work, fun work, but time-consuming, and I can’t wait to have players come here and not just enjoy the game we all love, but also win some prizes,” Regier said.

They have set prizes for the top four players and the winner will walk away with a replica WWE championship title belt, exclusive North American Championship play mats, promotional cards and a table of assorted prizes that includes wrestler’s signatures and DVDs.

"There will something for everyone," Regier said. 

The event takes place at OMG Games at 130 Bell Farm Rd., and gets underway at 11 a.m. on May 25.

There are players from three different states coming up to take in the tournament along with the many locals involved, and there is still room to join though a knowledge of the game would be needed.

“Everyone gets to play at least four games against opponents that they may know locally or have travelled here for the event from out of town,” Regier said. “You can definitely still sign up and registration is from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m., Saturday morning. However, it is kind of a game that you do need to be familiar with.

"That said, if you want to come in and watch you can do so, and you can enter the many draws and raffles we have or donate to Relay for Life, which is our charity of choice," he added. 

Regier and many of the players involved have known each other for over a decade because of RAW Deal and are glad they hold monthly events to not only continue the game, but also continue a tradition they started as teens.

“We do have monthly events here at OMG and have a fun storyline going for the group as a way to make it interesting on off days,” said Regier. “But the really cool thing is how we not only continue having fun but that we meet new people as they join after realizing that someone locally kept the game going.

"I’ve been playing for 17 years and it really has been a ton of fun but also a great way for friends to get together.”

For more information, check out the Facebook group Ontario RAW Deal.

Shawn Gibson

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Shawn Gibson is a staff writer based on Barrie
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