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RVH seeks patient and family advisors

'Our council provides an important voice for patients'
2018-07-27 RVH RB
Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre. Raymond Bowe/BarrieToday

Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre (RVH) has a commitment to provide the best, patient-centred care possible and one of the many ways the health centre achieves this is through its Patient Family Advisory Council (PFAC).

“The most important voice in healthcare is that of the patient and their family,” says Janice Skot, RVH president and CEO. “It is only when we see healthcare through their eyes that we can further improve their experience and ensure they are at the centre of all we do. Patient Family Advisors bring an important perspective to a broad range of discussions and issues and will be invaluable to RVH.”

The Council, which formed in 2014, is comprised of patients and family members, along with health centre staff and physicians, and provides direct input into policies, programs and practices affecting the patient experience at RVH.

Through their first-hand experiences, they provide invaluable advice and perspectives on all aspects of care, including access to services, communication and patient information, design of patient programs and space, signage and navigation through the healthcare system.

Some important initiatives the council has been involved in include introducing 24/7 visiting hours, the development of the newly opened Cardiac and Child and Youth Mental Health units, the recruitment of new leaders and involvement in the process redesign of the Emergency department.

“Our council provides an important voice for patients,” says Nancy Savage, executive vice president, Patient and Family Experience, Regional Vice President Cancer Care Ontario and PFAC chair. “The recommendations we make, from the perspective of a patient or family member, help the health centre focus on its goal of safe, high-quality care and improving the patient experience.”

The Council is central to RVH’s MY CARE strategy, which is based on the philosophy that patients and families should be partners in their care; involved in planning and decision-making throughout every step of their healthcare journey. By sharing their stories and unique perspective, they can help shape and improve the patient experience.

Are you interested in becoming an RVH Patient Family Advisor? RVH is currently accepting applications from interested candidates for a number of councils.  The application form is on the RVH website ( under the “Careers and Volunteering” tab or email or call (705) 728-9090 ext. 42319

Current opportunities:

  • Patient Family Advisory Council - corporate
  • Stroke steering committee
  • Imaging services operations committee
  • RVH Research Council
  • Ethics Committee
  • Organ and Tissue Committee