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Snowy spring uses nearly 100% of Bradford's winter maintenance budget

Only $38,323 remains to cover work until the end of December.
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This spring’s surprise ice storm and lingering cold weather has eaten up nearly all of Bradford West Gwillimbury’s winter maintenance budget for the entire year, according to a town finance report.

Between Jan. 1 and March 31, the town used 92 per cent of its winter maintenance budget for 2018, read the report, noting it is “the only area of concern” so far this year for the town’s finances.

“We recognize why that happened. The April snowstorm didn’t help us at all,” said Deputy Mayor James Leduc at a council meeting Tuesday, adding town workers had an extra week of unexpected maintenance work as a result. “We had a funny winter.”

This year, the town spent $469,627 on winter maintenance but had only budgeted $126,988, read the report.

The winter maintenance budget for the entire year is $507,950, meaning only $38,323 remains to cover work until the end of December.

However, the town does have access to $387,555 from previous years’ winter maintenance surpluses, which was earmarked for future winter maintenance and can be used if needed, read the report.

Currently, the extra funds are in the town’s tax rate stabilization reserve.