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This cat's injuries shocked shelter staff and a vet

Stu the cat needed an emergency leg amputation and rehabilitation at a cost of $3,000.

The staff and volunteers at Georgian Triangle Humane Society have seen a lot, but one cat recently brought to the shelter presented something new and shocking.

A tabby cat discovered in Glen Huron arrived at the shelter walking on three cat paws and one bone. The cat, called Stu by the shelter, had exposed bones for the bottom half of his leg, and his paw was gone.

Shelter staff say it is one of the most “horrific” injuries ever seen at the shelter.

Veterinarian Justin Levy told the GTHS he had never seen anything like it.

“He was walking on a stump of a bone,” said Levy. “His radius and ulna bone were completely exposed … he had either been trapped or something had chewed the muscle and soft tissue away from his bone.”

Stu’s leg was amputated at his shoulder. The cost for his surgery and rehabilitation was more than $3,000, which was covered by the GTHS Guardian Angel program, which is an initiative to cover costs for animals that come to GTHS with severe injuries.

According to Kelly O’Neil, development manager at GTHS, there will be 20-30 animals in need of urgent medical care, as Stu did, this year through the Guardian Angel program. The staff and volunteers at the shelter hope to raise approximately $32,000 this year to fund the program.

Stu is recovering from surgery and adapting to life as a three-legged cat.

“We are thrilled at his progress and with the fact that our community was so supportive of him when he needed help,” said O’Neil.

In fact, Stu will finish his recovery from the comfort of his own (new) forever home. He was adopted earlier this week by Mike and Shelby Churchill.

“Since Stu has been home, he is settling in quite lovely,” said Mike. “In fact, he gave us a pleasant little surprise last night. We had set up a stool for him to come up for a snuggle if he was up to it. He did oblige and jumped right up for a snuggle and a rest. He is a sweet, sweet cat.”

To learn more about the Guardian Angel program, or to donate, click here.


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