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Celebrated Mexican chef brings his flavours to new Bradford restaurant

Hay Caramba promises quality food and a unique Mexican experience

If you ask Noe Martinez, chef and co-owner of the Bradford-based, Hay Caramba what makes his restaurant unique he’ll give you two simple answers:


And the atmosphere.

But that’s just Noe being humble. To his customers, the allure of Hay Caramba is rooted in the delicious and wide assortment of Mexican creations which have solidified him as a favourite restaurateur in the area.

Noe Martinez is responsible for bringing authentic Mexican cuisine to Bradford over 15 years ago. Now, following the success of his first restaurant (which is under new ownership), Martinez set out and created a new, highly popular hacienda-style eatery in the area.

“Noe and I opened Hay Caramba together in October 2017,” says co-owner Melissa Marques. “We see new and familiar faces daily in the restaurant and we couldn’t be happier.”

“We want everyone who loves Noe’s food to know that he’s back and will be for many years to come.”

When Martinez and Marques opened Hay Caramba the goal was to deliver food that echoes Mexican culture while providing an energizing ambience reminiscent of a fiesta.

“I want to celebrate Mexico in Bradford,” says Martinez. “I love offering authenticity through my food. I love seeing my customers enjoy their meals and have fun like in a Mexican-style resort.”

With an entirely Mexican kitchen staff, Hay Caramba boasts a warmly genuine dining experience that’s “100 per cent Mexicano”. Delicious dishes are paired with a fun and joinable atmosphere to transport guests to the heart of Mexico without the additional cost of airfare. The restaurant’s infectious “come for the food, stay for the fiesta” vibe is backed by live musical acts on the weekends and eye-catching décor.

Martinez has been creating and delivering unique Mexican dishes for over 30 years. His food has received gleaming reviews in the Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, Toronto Sun, and local media.

Hay Caramba holds the promise of maintaining and elevating Martinez’s celebrated style of cooking.

“I want people to know that I’m back. And that I’m bringing Mexico back to Bradford.” Hay Caramba is renowned for authentic recipes created with ingredients from Mexico. Their bold flavours and generous portions have earned the restaurant a five-star rating on Trip Advisor.

Visit for more information and menu details. Or drop in for an authentic Mexican experience at 54 Holland St. West, Bradford, Ontario.