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Liposomal supplements are a revolution in nutrient delivery

Nancy’s Nifty Nook helps customers achieve optimal health through natural supplements

At Nancy’s Nifty Nook, staff aim to provide customers with outstanding service and excellent quality alternative health care options in a friendly, caring and professional atmosphere.

Customers will find health supplements that are supplied by manufacturers who adhere to the strictest guidelines for efficacy and safety. This Bradford-based store is the city’s original bulk food and health supplement store.

Looking for a more natural way to take charge of your health?

The first step is making healthy lifestyle choices and a preventative approach, which are both key. Understanding your personal health needs is also an important factor in achieving health goals.

What’s new?

For the month of May, Nancy’s Nifty Nook will be offering CanPrev supplements at a special low price. The sale includes CanPrev’s newest line of Liposomals supplements.

CanPrev is a Canadian-based company that focuses on developing natural, safe and effective medicine that is accessible to everyone. The company’s mission is to advance naturopathic medicine and develop products that work with the body’s natural healing ability to improve quality of life.

What are liposomals?

Liposomals are “a revolution in nutrient delivery.” The foods and supplements we consume go through a long process in our digestive tract. The harsh digestive environment may not allow our bodies to reap all the benefits of what goes in. Enter liposomals.

Liposomals are nano-sized spherical containers or vesicles that carry and transport nutrients directly to our cells and tissues.

Our cell membranes are the outermost layer of a cell, and their function is to protect the cell from its surrounding environment. These membranes are semi-permeable and help keep the bad stuff out while letting the good stuff in.

Cell membranes are made up of phospholipids, which have a double layer. These double-layered membranes provide a strong barrier to molecules that move in and out of the cell. Small molecules can easily pass the membrane whereby larger ones need the help of a transporter protein to enter the cell.

How can supplements help?

CanPrev Liposomal supplements have multiple layers of liposomes and as each layer is peeled away, nutrients are released over a longer period, so a dose can last an entire day.

Unlike fat-soluble vitamins like Vitamin A,D,E and K, which are best absorbed with food, and iron, which should be taken on an empty stomach for best absorption, liposomes are absorbable on their own and can be taken with or without food.

For those with digestive issues, liposomal products are easily absorbed and remain whole until they are absorbed directly through the intestinal walls.

There are over 100 premium natural health products on the market to help people maintain optimal health. Stop by the store located at 152 Holland Street E. to find out which products would be suitable for your personal health needs or visit them online.