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The biggest culprits that can lead to a clogged drain in your home

The Plumbing Nerds offer same-day service, getting you back on track

A clogged drain in your kitchen or bathroom sink could be a minor inconvenience or a major headache. Often, the easiest and fastest way to remedy the situation is to call a licensed plumber.

The Plumbing Nerds are a husband-and-wife family business owned by Danilo and Karla Pilozo. Every day, they’re fielding calls from customers with leaky pipes, backed up sump pumps and clogged drains.

“Our mission is to provide the best service and customer service possible,” Pilozo said. “We’re not your typical plumbing company. We’re always educating and providing our customers with upfront pricing and permanent solutions to their plumbing systems.”

They’re always happy to help their customers with common issues like clogged drains, but with a little preventative maintenance, homeowners can avoid a call to a plumber altogether.

The Plumbing Nerds offer these tips to keep your pipes and drains clear.

“One of our plumbing terminologies is FOG: fat, oil and grease,” Danilo Pilozo said. “Never pour any of that stuff down your drain, especially your kitchen sink. 99 per cent of the time when a customer calls us and their kitchen sink is not draining, it’s because of that.”

If cooking with fats and oils, Pilozo suggests customers pour the liquid into a disposable container, let it dry, and throw it in the garbage instead of pouring it down the drain. Grease or fat into your pipes can lead to blockages and over time, grease can harden and lead to pipes needing to be replaced.

Another big culprit with clogged drains is baby wipes. Even if the packaging says the wipes are flushable, Pilozo encourages customers not to flush baby wipes down the toilet. In a worst-case scenario, a blockage at the main drain in your home may lead to flooding in your basement, which may lead to a costly impromptu renovation project.

Depending on how many people live in your home, a buildup of hair causing a clogged drain is another potential issue. One simple solution is placing a “hair catcher” at the base of the drain to catch hair from accumulating inside the pipes in your bathroom.

If you find the drain in your kitchen or bathroom isn’t draining properly, a quick call to The Plumbing Nerds can fix the issue right away.

With same-day service, they can diagnose your plumbing emergencies at a moment’s notice.

When you book your appointment with The Plumbing Nerds, you’ll receive a text notification once the plumber has been dispatched, along with their name, a picture and a short bio of the plumber. That way you’ll know who to greet at the door when the plumber arrives at your door. Along with that feature, you can track your plumber via GPS to check their estimated arrival time.

One cool feature about The Plumbing Nerds is they use a camera scope to diagnose your plumbing issue, so you can see exactly what’s blocking the flow of water. And after they restore your pipes to the original diameter and clear the drain, you can check out the results through the camera scope, too.

Keeping fat, oil, grease, baby wipes and hair out of your drains will go a long way to keeping your pipes clear.

But if you ever run into an issue, contact The Plumbing Nerds for same-day plumbing service, Monday to Friday. Find out more at