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Are you equipped to boat safely?

Boating equipment tips to help you stay safe this summer!
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Canada has over 2 million lakes and rivers, so it’s no surprise we all love to take full advantage of them once summer finally shows up.

Not only are our lakes a great spot to kick back, sunbathe, and go for a refreshing swim, but our lakes are also one of the best ways Canadians can experience Canada’s beautiful landscape all from the comfort of a boat!

While boating can be lots of fun, it’s important to keep everyone's safety in mind to help avoid any preventable incidents.

Ensuring you have all of the following equipment will not only help keep everyone you’re boating with safe and sound, but you will also avoid getting hit with some hefty fines.

On a motorized boat you are required by law to have the following items:

1.            Whoever is operating the boat must have an official Pleasure Craft Operator Card.

2.            Enough properly fitted lifejackets for all people on board.

3.            A manual propelling device, like a paddle or an oar.

4.            A sound signaling device, like a pealess whistle.

5.            A waterproof flashlight or flare.

6.            A buoyant tow line.

7.            A bail bucket or water pump.

8.            A fire extinguisher.

If you have all of the above with you on your pleasurecraft you are more than ready to tackle any situation while on our gorgeous lakes and river.

Happy boating!

Click here for more water and boating safety tips and information from the Canadian Red Cross.