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Are you thinking about widening or repaving your driveway?

Make sure you know the rules first!
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Driveway widening is permitted in the Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury, provided that all relevant by-laws and standards are adhered to and a complete application is submitted.  Both driveway widening and driveway paving require permits in advance of starting any work.

What do we mean by driveway paving?

Driveway paving is the installation of a hard surface to an existing driveway, and includes asphalt, concrete, interlocking stone, flagstone, cobbles, gravel, brick, and any other like materials.​  It does NOT include driveway sealing or a similar application of liquid topcoat to an existing driveway – this does not require a permit.​​

Why do you need a permit for this work?

This permit approval ensures that the work being done complies with Town standards, that your water shut-off valve has been inspected before your new driveway is installed and that appropriate liability insurance and WSIB coverage is in place.

Prior to paving, the Town’s Water Services Division will conduct an inspection of your water shut-off valve to make sure that there are no issues with the valve that could require the Town to damage a newly paved driveway to complete a repair.  Any necessary repairs will be completed by the Town before paving is completed.

Depending on how you or your contractor will be conducting the work, you may also need a Road Occupancy Permit, which allows you to park equipment or materials on the roadway for a set period of time.

For more information and permit applications, visit: