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Do you have questions about the tree on your boulevard?

Learn all about Town-planted trees as well as tree care tips
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Town of BWG Photo

The Town of BWG’s Landscape Architect is responsible for the tremendous amount of trees, gardens and other vegetation maintained by the Town, both in communal areas like parks as well as along municipal right-of ways, which likely includes at least one tree planted near the road in front of your own home.

To help answer your questions about the health and care of these trees, as well as provide some general information you can use to care for your own trees, our Landscape Architect has supplied a wealth of information that you can access by visiting

Topics include how to tell if your boulevard tree is in need of attention or replacement, how to care for your tree to ensure its best health, what you are allowed to plant or place near a Town-planted tree, and tips and tricks for watering trees.