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Don’t miss your chance to vote on the best book in Simcoe Reads

Watch the debate and cast your vote!
PH-Reads oct11
Emily Dahlgren represents the BWG Public Library at Simcoe Reads on Rogers TV

Whether you’ve been along for the whole ride or are just tuning in, you still have a chance to have a say in the final selection for this year’s Simcoe Reads battle.  Simcoe Reads is an annual competition amongst local libraries in Simcoe County, and this year there are seven libraries competing to have their pick selected as the overall winner.

Watch the debate on YouTube to see BWG's Emily Dahlgren make her case for reading Ayesha at Last by UzmaJalaluddin and then click on this link and vote for your choice to win!

The deadline to vote is Tuesday, October 12th at 11:59PM.