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If you run a home-based business in BWG, we need your input

Final phase of revisions to Zoning By-law underway
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To broaden the range of home-based business opportunities available to residents, the Town of BWG has embarked on a review of the Home Occupation provisions found in the Town's current Zoning By-law. ​

The Zoning By-law that is currently in place imposes a number of restrictions on home-based businesses. ​The proposed revised by-law will make it possible to operate more types of businesses in homes, and to use homes for more business-related activities. The explanatory document​ gives a more detailed explanation of the changes, and a comparison to the existing by-law.

Please visit our website at to find out more, including how you can provide input on the proposed changes. (Note: If you provided feedback during the first round of review back in 2019, please be sure to check out the revised version and let us know what you think.)

Why change the by-law and add more permissions?

There are many reasons why this is good for our community:​

  • To respond to the needs and requests of BWG residents.
  • To adapt and become resilient to a changing world.
  • To align with changes in public purchasing habits and preferred methods.
  • To reduce the carbon footprint and decrease traffic congestion caused by commuting.
  • To provide more local services, thus making BWG a more complete community.
  • To keep money in BWG.
  • To produce jobs in BWG.
  • To nurture and grow made-in-BWG businesses that will serve the community.
  • To make use of existing infrastructure.
  • To keep local talent in BWG, making this a more desirable place to live, work and play.
  • To enable a better work-life balance for residents.​​​