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If you vote in BWG municipal elections, this project matters to you

Find out why ward boundaries matter and how to get involved
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Do you know which ward you live in?

Do you know how many people live in your ward, and how that compares to other wards in BWG?

Would changes to BWG’s ward boundaries help ensure Council represents you?

The Town of BWG is governed by a nine-member Council, composed of a Mayor and Deputy Mayor that represent the entire town, and seven Councillors who each represent a geographical ward. The ward boundaries in BWG have not been reviewed since 2009. Since then, The Town’s population has grown by more than 40%, and it’s expected to keep growing.

In addition, growth has not been uniform and over the next decade will continue to be concentrated in specific areas. This means there is a significant variation in population between wards, with only 1,800 people in the smallest ward and 7,600 in the largest. The Town aspires to a ward system that represents each of its residents equally.

The Town of BWG is conducting a review of ward boundaries and council composition, and public feedback is a critical piece. There will be several opportunities for residents to participate, including virtual public consultation sessions and a survey.

The survey is open now and takes just a few minutes to complete! Virtual presentations and consultations take place March 1 and 4.

For the survey link and consultation details, as well as a fun video and brain teaser, please visit our website at  The website also provides complete details on how the review will be conducted.