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Improve your French language skills for free with the BWG Library

Chat online with other language learners and the Collège Boréal
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Parlez-vous français? Pratiquez le français et améliorez votre grammaire et votre vocabulaire avec la Bibliothèque BWG et le CollègeBoréal.

Language learning is fun at Tout Ensemble French Language Circle. Build your French vocabulary and grammar skills through conversation with other French language learners, as you chat about everyday topics.  This program has been created to help beginner French speakers expand their skills.  Expert French speakers will be there from CollègeBoréal, helping you to grow and learn in a fun and friendly online environment.

The Language Circle takes place on Thursday afternoons from 12:30-1:30 p.m.

Click here to register for this program, offered in partnership with CollègeBoréal.Ce programme est offert en partenariat avec le CollègeBoréal. Participants will be sent login information to connect using the Zoom platform prior to events.This program is meant for participants ages 18 and up.