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Reader Pens now available to borrow at the BWG Library

New study tool helps with language learning, dyslexia and more
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ReaderPens are the BWG Library’s newest addition to help you read with ease!  Reader Pens are a great tool for anyone learning English, Spanish or French and is ideal for those who suffer from reading difficulties, such as dyslexia.

The Reader Pen is a totally portable, pocket-sized device that reads text out aloud with in English, Spanish or French.  Simply pass the nib across a word and it instantly displays the definition on a small screen and reads the word aloud.

Reader Pens can also be used as a scanner for reading lines of text and uploading to a PC or Mac, making it ideal for students, teachers and professionals to capture essential information.

No software is required, just connect the pen up to a computer with a USB cable and it appears as an external hard drive. Other features include a built-in voice recorder with playback.

Reader Pen Features At-A-Glance:


Reader Pens enable you to capture and save quotes and other text of interest instantly. The text is saved in text files which is then easily transferred to your computer. Extremely handy if you are a student or a researcher or if you just want to save some text of interest. Simply use the pen to scan a word, a paragraph, or why not full pages. It´s easier than you think!

Text to speech 

Read printed text with the Reader Pen! Choose from different languages and accents English (American, Australian, British, Irish, Scottish or Indian accents), Spanish and French voices with accent options. Use it to listen to pronunciations or to help you read more smoothly.


Not sure about a word? Reader Pens contain high quality electronic dictionaries. Capture the words and they are located in the dictionary for you. It´s an instant experience. Reader Pens also remember words that you have looked up and keep the history available for you.

Voice Memos 

Reader Pens feature a microphone, and headphones connector that allow you to record audio, including voice memos. The audio files are saved on the device, to be retrieved and listened to any time. You can also upload the audio files to your computer. It´s convenient!


The Reader Pen is small, portable, and light making it easy to carry with you anywhere you like to read.

Any cardholder is able to borrow a Reader Pen for up to one week at a time. Just like any book in the collection, our Reader Pens can be reserved and picked up at the BWG Library during open hours. Search for “Reader Pen” in the catalogue to reserve yours today!

If you are interested in more information or need assistance from home, librarians are here to help!Call 905-775-3328 ext. 6100 or email and a staff member will connect with you to give you the support you need.