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Reading and entertainment on the go

Make your next roadtrip a breeze with resources from the BWG Library
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Are you getting ready to travel with kids this summer?  The BWG Library has you covered!

The BWG Library has a variety of different options for readers of all ages to listen in the car and even while you’re camping.

Wonderbooks and Kits:

Do your kids like to listen to stories, but also love to follow along with the book?  Try checking out a Wonderbook or Kit.  With a Wonderbook, the audio story is built right into the book!  You can listen aloud or plug in a set of a headphones and follow along with the pages of the story.  Wonderbooks have a built-in MP3 player and also have an educational setting where readers can answer questions about what they just listened to and more.  With a kit, kids can follow along with a storybook while listening to the book on CD.  Play it in your car on that long ride to camping!

Audiobooks and Playaways:

The BWG Library has audiobooks and Playaways for listeners of all ages!  With an audiobook you can listen to a book on CD in your car.  A Playaway is a book on an mp3 player.  You can listen to Playaways using headphones or plug it in to your car stereo.


Need something else for your kids to do on long car rides?  Why not check out a Launchpad?  A pre-loaded tablet full of educational games, activities and stories for children, you can entertain your kids while fighting the summer slump as they learn about literacy, math, science and more.

To place a hold on any of these items, visit the BWG Library catalogue.  For more information or help with any of these resources, please message the BWG Library through Facebook at or email