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Town of BWG Council Highlights-in-brief

Key decisions from the May 7, 2019 Council meeting

The highlights-in-brief provide a glimpse at the decisions made by Town of BWG Council at their most recent meeting. A more detailed version is posted within 48 hours of the meeting on the Town website at

  • Council approved an agreement aimed at bringing a hotel to Bradford as quickly as possible.  Bradford Shopping Centres Inc. (SmartCentres) is severing a portion of their land at Sideroad 10 and Holland Street West to sell it to the Bradford Hospitality Group, which intends to build a hotel. The Development Charge Deferral Agreement will ensure the charges are paid by the new property owner instead of the seller.
  • The Town will sign a memorandum of understanding indicating interest in partnering with Baseload Power Corp. (BPC), to have vehicle charging stations installed in some municipal parking lots. There would be no cost to the Town, and the Town would receive a percentage of any revenue generated.  BPC is applying for a federal grant and, if successful, BPC and the Town could negotiate an agreement; however, neither party is obligated to do so.
  • A Public Meeting was held regarding an application for Draft Plan of Subdivision approval by Bradford East Development Inc. for the development of 29 townhouses on the north side of Jonkman Blvd., east of Simcoe Rd. To share a comment or receive notice of future council meetings where these applications will be considered, please send an email to:
  • The Committee of the Whole asked staff to develop any Official Plan and Zoning By-law provisions necessary to address cannabis micro-cultivation operations within the municipality. (Please note that decisions made in Committee of the Whole are not final until approved at a subsequent Regular Council meeting.)
  • The Committee of the Whole voted in favour of removing regulations on central air conditioning units from the Zoning By-law. The Town could still address the two primary concerns regarding AC units – drainage and noise – through the other by-laws.
  • The Committee of the Whole supported a proposed by-law to regulate the movement of heavy vehicles or oversized loads on the Town’s roads. The new process will require the applicant to submit a designated haul route, define the type, size and weight of the load being transported and stipulate whether or not an escort is required.