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Town of BWG Council Highlights-in-brief

Key decisions from the June 4, 2019 Council meeting

The highlights-in-brief provide a glimpse at the decisions made by Town of BWG Council at their most recent meeting. A more detailed version is posted within 48 hours of the meeting on the Town website at

  • The intersection of Simcoe Rd. and Catania Ave. will be fully signalized at a cost of just under $100K. This is in response to complaints from residents and the stationed crossing guard regarding issues in and around the intersection, specifically speeding and improper movements through the crosswalk when the lights are activated and pedestrians are in the midst of crossing.
  • Construction activity in the Town of BWG continues to be on a decline. First quarter results were down almost 40% versus the same period last year, resulting in 34% less revenue from building permits.
  • The Town will issue a Request for Proposals for a comprehensive analysis of building permit fees and the Building Division reserve fund. This is in response to findings that the Town’s building permit fees for residential and commercial projects are significantly lower that those charged by neighbouring municipalities– 20-30% less for residential projects, and 60% less for institutional, commercial and industrial (ICI) projects.
  • The Committee of the Whole supported a recommendation to make a site-specific Zoning By-law Amendment to permit a wedding/wedding reception and event venue and a Farmers Market at 3287 Line 9 (the “Bradford Barn”). Decisions made by Committee of the Whole are subject to ratification at a future Council meeting.