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Town of BWG Council Highlights-in-brief

Key decisions from the October 1, 2019 Council meeting

The highlights-in-brief provide a glimpse at the decisions made by Town of BWG Council at their most recent meeting. A more detailed version is posted within 48 hours of the meeting on the Town website at

  • Several stormwater management facilities (SWMF) are located on or near the Town of BWG trails system. This makes them ideal locations to educate the public about the role of SWMF in maintaining the health of streams, lakes and aquatic life. The signs will list prohibited activities including skating, swimming, fishing, feeding wildlife and dumping trash. Staff will review existing by-laws to ensure that municipal officers are able to enforce all prohibitions.
  • The Town of BWG’s Transportation Division makes changes to its Winter Operations Plan every year to ensure the best possible service, to meet changes in provincial standards and to accommodate the growing municipality.The recommended 2019-2020 plan includes adjustments to plow routes for maximum efficiency, and new regulations for preventing and managing ice on sidewalks during both normal winter weather and significant weather events.
  • In 2013, the Town of BWG learned that Simcoe County planned to upgrade the bridge connecting Simcoe Road to Canal Road. Since the Town planned to improve Simcoe Road to include pedestrian sidewalks, Town staff asked Simcoe County to modify their design plan to include a sidewalk along the new bridge. After construction was complete, the County sent an invoice to the Town to cover the additional costs of widening the bridge to accommodate sidewalks. The Committee of the Whole supported a recommendation that the Town reimburse Simcoe County $160,000, which is 50% of the extra costs.
  • The Committee of the Whole supported a recommendation to proceed with a Subdivision Agreement and removal of Holding (H1) symbol for 49 single detached homes. This will allow National Homes (Bradford) Inc. to complete Phase 1 and construct all of Phase 2 of their subdivision, which is bounded by Stevenson Crescent, Line 8, Professor Day Drive and Aelick Court.