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Want a say in how your community will look in the future?

Take the Urban Design Guidelines survey and tell us your thoughts!
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The Town of BWG is preparing Town-Wide Urban Design Guidelines to help shape the form and character of future development within the urban areas of Bradford and Bond Head. Public consultation will be a very important part of this process to ensure our community reflects the interests of the people who live here.

What do you think makes for a beautiful BWG?

  • Sidewalks on both sides of the street or more front yard parking?
  • A mix of housing types in each neighbourhood or isolated housing types?
  • Wider sidewalks downtown or wider roads for driving/parking?
  • Commercial buildings framing the street or set back with parking in front?

These are the sorts of questions we’d like you to weigh in on through our short online survey.

Although we can't hear your thoughts in person right now, we still want to hear them virtually!Visit for more information or click to jump straight to the survey.