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Breast cancer survivor finds hope and relief through unique business opportunity

Breast cancer survivor finds pain relief and a job with neurological technology sock business

In July 2015, Bradford resident Nancy Cumbo-Jannetta was diagnosed with Stage 1 triple negative breast cancer. Naturally, she was devastated by the news and was quickly put on a treatment plan of chemotherapy, surgery and radiation. 

Her chemotherapy began in September 2015, and in January 2016 she had surgery to remove her tumour followed by aggressive radiation. 

She said her chronic pain started during chemotherapy and “never went away.”

In April 2016, after her radiation, “instead of celebrating, I was plagued with pain,” she said.

She tried everything from osteopath appointments to essential oils to help ease the pain. Nothing seemed to be working, until one day, in May 2017, a friend told her about and ad on Facebook she had seen for Voxx Life Socks. A  sock that uses human performance technology for drug-free wellness and performance.

She checked out the Facebook advertisement online and decided to message the sales representative  to find out more about the company and products. 

“At first I was skeptical…’Oh it’s a pyramid scheme,’ that was my first reaction. I didn’t understand the business in general, I was just trying to get better,” she explained.

With nothing to lose, she bought a pair, desperate to try anything to help her with her pain. She was bed ridden and needed to get better so she could go back to work.  At the time, she was an Early Child Educator with the York Region District School Board.

“I was really just trying to get back to work, that’s what my plan was,” she explained.

“I put them (the socks) on and day one, away went the chronic fatigue instantly. I was happier than I had been in a long time. I paid attention and watched,  and six days later the pain went away,” she said of her first time using the socks. 

The socks, she says were the “answers to her prayers.” She wore them all the time and eventually began selling them too. 

“It’s just another product, but I guess because it changed my life, I didn't see it as another product, this changes lives," she said.

“I love doing this. I am helping people. It’s fun and that was it. And I didn’t look back,” she said of her career change.

The company which started in 2017, has a mission to help 1 billion people. Jay Dhaliwal of Brampton, Ontario, is the creator of Voxx Life Socks Canada. Inspired by his mother, who was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1983, it had always been his mission to help find a treatment for the pain associated with the disease.

Cumbo-Jannetta makes it clear that while the socks help with the pain management, they do not cure any diseases or conditions. 

“We do not heal or cure anything, but we put your brain in a state that allows your own body that reserve, and so it enhances your own healing process,” she explained about the sock technology.

“Is it the best tool you can put in your health and wellness tool kit? Absolutely,” she said.

Cumbo-Jannetta spends a lot of her time educating people about the product and its technology at local vendor events. She also has booths set up at both South Lake and Markham hospitals. 

She even travels as far as Orillia and Niagara Falls to share her passion for the product. 

“I was bed ridden before, I function everyday now,” explained Cumbo-Jannetta of her experience with the socks. 

“The customer care part is important, to follow up with them. The education piece is huge with this business. To me it’s not about the sales as it is about the education,” she said. 

The company offers insoles, socks as well as patches with the same ware-technology. 

She boasts the instant results in balance, stability, posture, strength, range of motion and circulation. She says that the socks will affect each individual differently and results do vary. 

“Your body just functions better when you’re brain is at rest. It’s working through the nervous system, sending messages up to the brain that puts the brain into balance.”

She has even used the socks on her nine-year-old daughter, Samantha, who sometimes goes through bad bouts of anxiety, noting that her daughter was in the office almost everyday due to her overwhelming anxious emotions. Cumbo-Jannetta says since she has been wearing the socks, her visits to the office have decreased. 

“I’m hoping to start running events in Bradford, and invite people to learn more about them.” 

She has been working with local business, Kidergy to try and set up an information session in the near future to teach people about the socks and insoles. 

Cumbo-Jannetta is excited for the future with Voxx Socks technology, as the company is currently developing other neuro-ware including pyjamas and shape wear. 

She is proud of where she has taken her business thus far and can’t wait to continue growing and learning with the company. Working from home gives her the freedom to make her own schedule, and make connections with customers one on one. 

To learn more about Cumbo-Jannetta and her business, check her website here.

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