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ONTARIO: Blind runner from Kitchener finishes 500km ultramarathon

Rhonda-Marie Parke completed the Vol-State in just over eight days
Rhonda-Marie Parke
Photo from Facebook

Rhonda-Marie Parke will be moving a bit slower, at least for a few days.

Parke, who lives in Kitchener, completed a 500 kilometre ultramarathon in Tennessee on Friday.

It took her just over eight days to finish the Vol-State.

Parke, who is legally blind, also ran the race without a guide.

"It's the first time I've taken on something of this nature without a guide...For the most part I've always had someone with me, calling things out." she told KitchenerToday.

Parke says she had two goals going into the race.

"This was my 40th year so I wanted to do something big." she said.

"I'm always running for the sake of advocacy for inclusion in sport for disabilities...It seemed like the thing to do to draw attention to the fact that just because there's difference in ability, doesn't mean there's a lack of ability,"

Parke, who has been running for ten years, also raises funds for Achilles Canada during her races. 

"Running is definitely part of my life...It's definitely not my favourite thing in the world to do (laughs). It can clear your headspace, it can give you a peace of balance you may be missing if you're not seeing the earth from that side of things,"


Back down this afternoon ..

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