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Community Leaders Program

Bradford Community Leaders Program

The Community Leaders Program fosters meaningful partnerships between BradfordToday and local businesses & organizations that are committed to investing back into the community through expanding local news coverage.

This partnership allows us to grow local coverage and enhance areas of content that were underserved in the past.

Working with local businesses through this program helps us to hire more local journalists and create more stories, in turn helping to keep BradfordToday at the forefront of reporting while continuing to develop new features for our sites. 

In a news climate where many media outlets are cutting back on coverage, the Community Leaders Program allows us to restore some of the content that we as a community have previously experienced a decrease in, such as local sports, arts & entertainment, the environment, human interest stories and follow-up coverage.    

We feel fortunate to have the opportunity to continue to develop new features for our readers, while offering rewarding partnerships to the leaders in our community.

*Our Community Leader Program partners support local news through this initiative, but they have no influence over the editorial content in the sections they sponsor as a part of this program.

Featured Listings (2)

Robin Evans - Royal LePage RCR

Robin Evans - Royal LePage RCR

Thanks to the support of Robin Evans - Royal LePage RCR we are able to share new features like Inspire on BradfordToday. Inspire shares stories about local youth taking action to make a difference in our community.
The Elden of Bradford

The Elden of Bradford

Thanks to the support of The Elden of Bradford we are able to share new features like Helpers on BradfordToday. Helpers articles share stories about people making positive impacts in our community.

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