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ONTARIO: Thunder Bay ambulance collides with moose

The moose won; the ambulance is a write-off
(TBT Newshour)

THUNDER BAY – A Superior North Emergency Medical Services ambulance sustained major damage Wednesday morning after colliding with a moose.

SNEMS paramedics were returning to their Armstrong station after transporting a patient to the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre when the moose suddenly entered onto the roadway at about 5 a.m.

The ambulance, valued at $140,000, appears to be a write-off.

“Both paramedics appear to have only received minor injuries, which is very fortunate considering the extensive damage the vehicle received, and the collapsing of the windshield onto the paramedics in the front of the cab at the time of collision,” said Wayne Gates, Chief of SNEMS – Development and Emergency Services.

This is the second time in the past month that a SNEMS ambulance has come into contact with a moose.

On May 26, paramedics from Beardmore were transporting a patient to Nipigon Hospital when the ambulance collided with a moose on Highway 11.

The ambulance sustained minor cosmetic damage, and paramedics were able to continue transporting the patient to the hospital.