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BEHIND THE SCENES: Proposed apartment development in Georgetown raises residents' concerns

HaltonHillsToday reporter Mansoor Tanweer takes us behind the scenes


Concerned local residents in Georgetown South are expressing apprehension about a proposed apartment development. Kindred Works, a company established by the United Church of Canada to handle its real estate projects, has submitted a plan for a six-storey, 157-unit rental apartment building on the grounds of Norval United Church on Danby Road. The proposal includes 30% of the units being made affordable, with the rental cost at or below 30% of the median family income. The company claims it will not profit from the full-market rents collected as they will be used to subsidize the affordable units.

At a public meeting, residents shared their thoughts with council, expressing concerns about traffic congestion, population growth, and other issues. Some residents questioned the choice of the church land for the development and raised worries about potential greenhouse gas emissions during construction.

MHBC Planning Associate Andrew Hannaford clarified that, although the church property is zoned as institutional land, it is privately owned and any landowner in Ontario can propose an application on their land. He further added that the church aims to provide much-needed affordable housing on underutilized land.

Residents also voiced concerns about short-term rentals and the potential increase in population. Hannaford explained that Kindred Works will assess potential tenants using an application process similar to other buildings. He added that, with a church congregation on site, there is an incentive to ensure the site functions correctly.

Another resident expressed concerns about the future property’s driveway causing drivers to use the church's parking lot. They also questioned whether there would be enough recreational and green spaces available.

During a second public meeting, it was revealed that land is being allocated to expand Gellert Community Park next door.

Video Summary:

A proposed six-storey apartment building on the grounds of Norval United Church has raised concerns among residents of Georgetown. At a recent public meeting, residents expressed concerns about the location of the building, which is at the intersection of Eighth Line and Danby Road. The area is a mix of rural and residential, and citizens fear that congestion caused by the building might create traffic problems.

Residents also expressed concerns that the building would bring too many people to the area and make the population boom. They worry that this would change the small-town feel that attracts people to Georgetown and Acton.