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BEHIND THE SCENES: Trinity United Church quashes rumours

ThoroldToday editor Bernard Lansbergen takes us behind the scenes

The sudden cancellation of shows by the Thorold Community Theatre due to losing their venue at Trinity United Church caused concern in the local community. However, the church claims that they did not evict the theatre company and that they decided to cancel the cabaret due to slow ticket sales.

While Trinity United Church is facing financial hardship and is exploring options to ensure financial viability, they want to be transparent with groups such as the Flying Dragons Air Cadets and Thorold Community Theatre about their situation.

The church is considering different options, including refinancing and partnering with others to increase income. They are exploring ways to do church differently and there is no deadline for a decision yet. The church believes that they will share the decision with the community once they know what they are doing.  


The Thorold Community Theatre recently announced the cancellation of all future shows due to losing their venue at Trinity United Church. However, the church has come forward to set the record straight, saying they never evicted the theatre company. Carol Dueck, the Chair of the Church’s Council, explained that the theatre company decided to cancel the cabaret due to slow ticket sales. The church has been going through some financial hardship due to the upkeep and repairs needed for their heritage building and a lack of attendance since COVID. They are exploring different options for the future of the church, but nobody has been asked to leave the building.

The community was initially worried about the future of the church and the theatre company when the cancellation was announced. However, after the church clarified the situation, people were put at ease. The church wants to be transparent with the community about their financial situation and their plans to redevelop the building to make it financially viable. They are exploring how to do church differently and trying to figure out ways to increase income and potentially partner with other organizations. There is no deadline for any decisions, and they will share their plans with the community once they know more.

The future of the Thorold Community Theatre is still uncertain, as they were looking for a new venue before the cancellation announcement. However, the church clarified that nobody had been evicted, and they are not going anywhere. The church wants to continue for as long as they can and will figure things out as they go. The theatre company may have to find a new venue, but the church is open to working with them in the future. The church is a staple in the Thorold community, and people are worried about the future of the heritage building, but the church is exploring all options and hopes to have a plan in place by the summer.