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Angry protesters mar Trudeau visit to Main Street Newmarket (VIDEO)

The prime minister and Liberal incumbent Tony Van Bynen mingled with patio diners at Cachet restaurant Sept. 5 to the backdrop of shouts and jeers

Editor's Note: Warning, profanity is audible in the accompanying video.

In a sight that has become common during the 2021 federal election campaign, more than 200 angry protesters — many waving signs and chanting profanities and racist slurs — met Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau's campaign bus as it rolled into Newmarket late yesterday afternoon.

Shouts of support from Liberals with Re-elect Tony Van Bynen signs were overwhelmed by protesters chanting a profanity in loud unison, along with jeers like “we don’t want you here” and “get out of here.”

PPC/People’s Party of Canada signs and anti-Trudeau banners were also on display among the mostly unmasked and closely gathered crowd on Main Street and on the sidewalk outside of Cachet Supper Club restaurant on Water Street where Trudeau and Van Bynen mingled with diners on the other side of the fenced patio for about 30 minutes.

Signs protesting COVID-19 lockdowns and vaccines were also visible.

The crowd of protesters had halted the progress of the campaign bus along Main at about 6 p.m., and York Regional Police detoured vehicles at Doug Duncan Drive. Trudeau did not return to the bus, but departed in an dark-coloured SUV with security personnel.

“There are so many people — angry people with kids — I can’t believe it,” said one onlooker.

In an email to NewmarketToday, another woman said, “I was astounded to see an alarming number of members of the pro-virus faction harassing and intimidating people of colour. A woman with a megaphone advanced on two Asian women beside me, targeting and yelling at them until they started to retreat in fear.

“A ‘protester’ screamed at a Muslim woman to take off her hijab. ‘Go back to where you came from!" screeched another. A Black teenage girl being bullied stood crying and shaking hysterically behind me while trying to hold up a pro-Liberal sign.”

The longtime Newmarket resident, who identifies herself as an “independent voter”, said she was shocked by the “barrage of flagrant white supremacy in my hometown” from “a bigoted campaign mob going from town to town.”

More details to follow.



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