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We surprise stellar high school basketball coaches with a Random Act of Kindness

Bradford District High School basketball coaches Damion and Cam are recognized for going above and beyond
BradfordToday's Gary Assis surprises Coach Damion and Mr. Edwards with a Random Act of Kindness surprise

Damion and Cam are no ordinary coaches.

Their positive influence on the Junior Boys Basketball team at Bradford District High School (BDHS) is visible to players, parents and teachers both on and off the court.

Not only does Damion, who has been with the team at BDHS for the last year, work with the children to develop their athletic skills, he also helps them with their academics and teaches them life skills.

“The major thing is remembering when I was younger, having coaches that weren’t very warm and engaged,” Damion said. “I want to be like a big brother or a role model, someone who can help anyone who needs it. That has been a big thing for me and for Mr. Edwards.”

Cam, known as Mr. Edwards at the school, is known as a great coach on the court, but also for making his office space a welcoming place for students. 

In his role as a Graduation Coach, he mentors students from grades nine to 12, helping with their post-secondary choices, making sure they are going to class and having one-to-one conversations with them about how things are going at school and at home.

If I can be in a position to give back and be that person who can help students be a better person, I want to be that person in their life,” Cam told BradfordToday. “I’ll be there for them [the students], make them feel connected to the school, make sure they feel represented in the school and see themselves in it.”

They both act as mentors to the students they coach and have had a positive impact on the school atmosphere and community.

“Coach Damion and Mr. Edwards are positive, loving and strong male influences at the school and the community that want all kids to be their absolute best,” their anonymous nominator told BradfordToday. 

To say thank you for all they do for the teens in their basketball program, we decided to surprise them with a Random Act of Kindness.

“We were completely taken aback by the surprise,” Damion said of BradfordToday’s Gary Assis showing up at the high school to treat the coaches.

“It means a lot and it shows me that both Damion and I are on the right track with helping students at BDHS and in the African community as a whole,” Cam said.

Thank you to our generous co-sponsor, Canadian Tire, for helping us make this Random Act of Kindness possible.

Our nomination form is always open to nominate someone in the community who selflessly gives of themselves despite challenges or hardships, is positive in the face of adversity, or is just plain extraordinary and deserves a special surprise.

If you would like to support our Random Acts of Kindness program, please email [email protected].