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PICKS OF THE WEEK: Books to inspire outdoor adventures this fall

From star gazing to animal storm chasing, this group of books is sure to keep you moving this fall
BWG Library PIcks of the Week

We live close to parks and conservation areas, which affords us the opportunity to commune with nature more easily than others.  Let’s get outside and enjoy some fresh air with this week’s Picks of the Week from the BWG Library!  From star gazing to animal storm chasing, this group of books is sure to keep you moving this fall.

If you need help finding the perfect book, let the BWG Library know!  Message them through Facebook or email [email protected].  If you create a delicious dish with your foraged foods, share a picture or video of the creation with the BWG community by sharing it on the BWG Library’s Facebook page or sending it to the Library through Messenger!  

The Night Sky Month by Month, by DK

You'll be seeing stars all year round in this dazzling guide to the night sky.

This comprehensive reference book shines bright with crystal-clear month-by-month charts of the planets, stars, and constellations in the northern and southern hemispheres.

The Night Sky Month by Month features specially-commissioned artworks and stunning photography introducing the main attractions to spot every month, including bright stars, key constellations, and meteor showers.

Get ready to find your place in the Universe with the ultimate night sky atlas.

Peterson Field Guide To North American Bird Nests, by Casey McFarland

Beyond being a simple reference book, the Peterson Field Guide to North American Bird Nests is a practical, educational, and intimate doorway to our continent’s bird life. The diversity of nests and nesting strategies of birds reflect the unique biology and evolution of these charismatic animals. Unlike any other book currently on the market, this guide comprehensively incorporates nest design, breeding behavior, and habitat preferences of North American birds to provide the reader with a highly functional field resource and an engaging perspective of this sensitive part of a bird’s life cycle.

Peterson Field Guide To Weather, by Jay Anderson

A resource for those intrigued by events in the sky—clouds, precipitation, storms, aurora, halos—and for those who follow daily weather events. Using a nontechnical approach, the authors describe the flow of energy and moisture through global and local landscapes and how they evolve into day-to-day weather. For those fascinated by the sky’s colors and patterns, there are halos, rainbows, iridescent clouds, and other tapestries in the sky. For the cloud-watcher, common and unusual cloud forms are covered; for those entranced by storms, the guide includes severe thunderstorms, winter blizzards, hurricanes, hail, ice storms, and other challenges that the atmosphere inflicts. It even includes a chapter on weather in the atmospheres of the planets and the sun. More than 400 photographs illustrate visible weather, and diagrams explain the more challenging physical concepts. This book is designed for those who want to look up, marvel, and understand what they see.

Rockhounding For Beginners : Your Comprehensive Guide To Finding And Collecting Precious Minerals, Gems, Geodes, & More, by Lars Johnson

Geology meets treasure hunting with this field guide to rockhounding! If you've ever kept an interesting rock or shell, bought a polished stone from a gift shop, or even just enjoyed a 'gram of a really cool crystal, congratulations! You've already experienced a rockhounding adventure! 

Rockhouding for Beginners shows you how to take your rockhounding to the next level, providing everything you need to know from tips for finding local sources for really cool finds to techniques for safely cleaning, cutting, polishing, and caring for the best samples. Complete with full-color photos to help you identify each rock and mineral wherever you find them, this guide has all the rockhounding information you need whether you're ready to get down and dirty or simply want to learn more from the comfort of your couch

The Tree Forager : 40 Extraordinary Trees & What To Do With Them, by Adele Nozedar

Aimed at tree lovers of all ages, this beautifully illustrated handbook is the first guide to foraging specifically from trees, looking at all the incredible things we can get and make from them, from food and remedies to toys, whistles and ink.

Foraging is one of the fastest-growing nature-related pastimes in the UK and US. There are many books about foraging but this is the only one that focuses on what is arguably everyone's favourite plant - trees! It profiles 40 incredible trees from the UK and US - from apple, ash and bay to walnut, willow and yew, gorgeously illustrated with watercolour, pen and ink botanical illustrations.